Yami® Yogurt is a crowd-pleaser.

Yami 6Oz Blueberry

Yami® Lactose-Free, Fruit-on-the-Bottom, Lowfat Yogurt, 6 oz.

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8Oz Gelatin Final Clip

Yami® Gelatin-Free Lowfat Yogurt,4 oz. and 8 oz.

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Lil Yami 6PK Straw Peach 012 011384141255 300Dpi KO

Yami® Yogurt, 4 oz.

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Yami Mixed Berry Whole Milk Qt Sm

Yami® Lactose-Free, Whole Milk Yogurt, 32oz

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Yami Cherry Whole Milk 6Oz Sm

Yami® Lactose-Free, Whole Milk Yogurt, 6 oz.

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The smooth, satisfying taste of Yami® Yogurt is available to you in many forms. Choose our 6-ounce cups for breakfast buffets, coffee shops or anywhere. Our 4-ounce cups fit perfectly in packed lunches, and school kids love them. Quarts are ideal for preparing parfaits with fruits, making shakes or crafting your own dressings. We offer a 32-lb. tub for your recipes and event preparation.

Yami® Yogurt is Gluten-Free and free of high fructose corn syrup. Some are Lactose-Free…but all are made with milk and include live active cultures and probiotics. They are just what health-conscious, food-loving people are seeking.


Yami® Yogurt, 32 lb. tubs

Yami 32Oz LF Vanilla

Yami® Yogurt Vanilla Quart, 32 oz.

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